Developing a new product design is overwhelming. Prototype research and development and design leave you needing a brilliant and functional package design. Figuring out the best packaging is not only about what will make your package design stand out for the crowd on a crowded shelf but also what is the most cost effective and user-friendly for the customer. This is where Elevate Creative goes to work. We are in your corner and will help you through what is a confusing and overwhelming process. We have streamlined the components and can take your product from an idea or a sketch on a cocktail napkin to display on a store shelf. We do the conceptual sketching, prototype development, packaging graphic design and can create the detailed structural design that will house your product and get it ready for the shelves. From concept to creation, we will not only make your product a reality, but our help will make it the first thing the customer reaches for on the crowded shelf.

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